When I Spent Time In Prison

A prison visit gave me an idea for a “story”: I heard about the maltreatment & suffering of prisoners and

Not Always What It Seems

Met a girl once who was very snobbish and rude, never regarded anyone she considered a stranger behaved as though

Finding Harmony

I met a young confused man who reminded me of me when I first met Pa Abraham and he had

What Is Youth?

We throw the word “youth” around quite a bit and we use a standard United Nations age definition but really,

Choose Knowledge

In medieval times, thunder and lightning were such “spiritual” events that they were worshipped as gods and were given different

The Dangers Of “Trying”

Is there anyone trying hard & tired of trying? I once saw a boy in front of a door knocking

What Is A Righteous Nation?

Dear Nigerian church goers, contrary to what you might have been told, you are NOT a righteous nation just because

At Christmas, Let’s Discuss Easter

How you relate with, understand and how you personalise the relevance of Easter is greatly influenced by what you think

Who Leads You?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people with low self esteem are the ones who come across as proud &

The Price Of Ignorantly Doing “Good”

Same story, 2 points of view: *MY VERSION* I noticed a poor (really, read that as simple) looking colleague always