Too Much God, Not Enough God-Like

1 Whose prayer will get answered first? A) Person kneeling B)Person sitting C) Person lying down  2. Whose prayer will

The Fruit That Tastes Of Democracy

I’ve been pondering on this thing called democracy and it’s clear that a successful democracy isn’t just the methodology of

Wisdom In Flexibility Of Integrity

In primary school I was introduced to arithmetic and the various operations used in dealing with it i.e. addition, subtraction,

What Do Men Do

“I am a man BECAUSE I don’t cry. I am a man BECAUSE I don’t feel pain. I am a

In The Image Of God

I am told I’m made in the image of GodAnd not much else leaves me so awed.But then, when I

Implication of demography on Covid response

DEALING WITH COVID19: US vs THEM It’s not surprising that all of a sudden, Covid19 is seemingly responsible for practically


Speaking hidden yet obvious truths, ruffling feathers and shaking the status quo: for those who are acquainted with Pa Abraham,


I remember a time my daughter had a bad infection. She is a tough girl and rarely sick, but when

CLEANSING – At the risk of being hated…

I am not defending nor endorsing anything or anyone, but I believe someone must speak up, to give some perspective. I

TOLERANCE: a virtue all Leaders need!

To be able to solve any type of problem, you need 4 essential skills: a. Problem Identificationb. Problem Analysis &