Religious / Spiritual

The Drug Addiction Called Religion

I watched a movie where a man who was addicted to hard drugs realised the danger of the path he

What Is A Righteous Nation?

Dear Nigerian church goers, contrary to what you might have been told, you are NOT a righteous nation just because

At Christmas, Let’s Discuss Easter

How you relate with, understand and how you personalise the relevance of Easter is greatly influenced by what you think

Unknowingly Worshipping Baal

In desperation, the prayer warriors built an altar and cried their eyes out as they desperately needed an immediate response

Does Your Bible “Fact” Really Exist

My unlearning journey started with 2 bets Pa Abraham made with me for $1,000 each.  In one of our discussions,

Did Jesus Come Before Jesus?

I ran an interesting poll on Twitter and the results of the poll were pretty much in line with what

Too Much God, Not Enough God-Like

1 Whose prayer will get answered first? A) Person kneeling B)Person sitting C) Person lying down  2. Whose prayer will

In The Image Of God

I am told I’m made in the image of GodAnd not much else leaves me so awed.But then, when I


Speaking hidden yet obvious truths, ruffling feathers and shaking the status quo: for those who are acquainted with Pa Abraham,


I remember a time my daughter had a bad infection. She is a tough girl and rarely sick, but when