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Who Leads You?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people with low self esteem are the ones who come across as proud &

The Price Of Ignorantly Doing “Good”

Same story, 2 points of view: *MY VERSION* I noticed a poor (really, read that as simple) looking colleague always

Unknowingly Worshipping Baal

In desperation, the prayer warriors built an altar and cried their eyes out as they desperately needed an immediate response

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

There is a special mirror we all look into and the mirror can give 4 different images depending on the

Does Your Bible “Fact” Really Exist

My unlearning journey started with 2 bets Pa Abraham made with me for $1,000 each.  In one of our discussions,

Punishment Vs Consequence

When a couple have sex & get pregnant, the pregnancy isn’t seen as punishment, but as consequence!  Just in the

Behaviour-Shaping Belief Systems

Here’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while about how 2 groups of people with diametrically opposite belief

Dr. Ruoivas – The Story Of Him In Me

In the mid 19th century, there was a brilliant surgeon who had unmatched skill and understanding of the human body

Because I Am; I Am Perfect

There are many things we desire that we imagine we would value and appreciate but sometimes, if/when we have them,

Did Jesus Come Before Jesus?

I ran an interesting poll on Twitter and the results of the poll were pretty much in line with what