What Is A Righteous Nation?

Dear Nigerian church goers, contrary to what you might have been told, you are NOT a righteous nation just because you have many religious houses. 

In truth, you are a righteous nation because culturally and legally, the society promotes and enforces decency, kindness, caring for the homeless, less privileged & provides healthcare. A classic case of “by the fruit you shall know them”

Your prayers will NOT be answered when all your desires are selfish and for your own personal benefit just so you can oppress others more!

Your prayers will NOT be answered when you’re praying for yourself to die (yes, in very many instances, you are your own worst enemy and praying for enemies to die is, in fact, suicide).

Also, the situation you call “evil” in your land has absolutely nothing to do with God! They are the symptoms and consequences of living for generations without planning for the future & only planning for self and family without considering the society at large.

What we experience is the “hell” we created. Meanwhile, religious leaders have blinded you to truth & made merchandise of you so that THEY can escape this hell & create their own “heaven on earth” off the income from your sweat.

Being Nigerian is NOT a curse, being black is NOT a curse. If there’s a curse responsible for all of what we go through, it will be the self-inflicted curse of our collective ignorance, stupidity & docility.

And guess what? Prayer doesn’t remove self inflicted ignorance! Our destiny is in our hands and it’s only lazy minds that do nothing but wait for God to “come down and show his power” and these people haven’t realized yet that, though they have been waiting 100yrs, nothing has happened.

Abi is their God deaf?

Destiny/power is in our collective hands 

Now, for just a second, indulge me and imagine that the afterlife is actually reincarnation & you’ll come back to the very same society that you built. Imagine that all your contribution to your society is what you will eventually come back to inherit. Just imagine that & tell me if this stupidity in our behavior won’t end ASAP!

Take care of yourself, your Neighbour the less privileged and, of course, the environment, and that’s the sure way to ensure that you take care of your own future! 

Dear Nigerian church goers, sad to hear but YOU ARE THE EVIL that you pray against. You scoff at “dirty politics” but that’s just your excuse to do nothing & be content in your laziness!

You do nothing to improve society! You are salt without power. You are candles with no light. 

You are useful only for destruction 

Dear Nigerian self-acclaimed-pastors, you are the blind leading the blind! How do I know this? Just look around, we are all in a damn ditch. Only difference is that you have convinced the other ditch dwellers to pay you rent for being in the ditch you put them into!

Complacency and ignorance lead to death. Study the principles from the good books in building society, helping the poor, changing mindsets, promoting justice, spreading hope not fear, changing the environment, being intellectual pillars of society; anything short of that is EVIL and you will reap what you sow! 

If you think being a child of God is just so that you go to heaven? Sorry to tell you but “You’re an idiot!”

A child of God has power! Power to influence society & environment so that EVERYONE benefits. 

Not everyone like you. 

Not everyone you like. 


What are YOU doing to change your society and environment? It’s not about money nor time, it’s about a consciousness.

Do you live in a manner that others see & want to emulate? 

Or are you one of those that calls obeying traffic lights stupidity? i.e. calling good evil & evil good! 

Yesterday was Friday, you went to pray. Today is Saturday, you’re going to pray. Tomorrow is Sunday, you will still pray. 

You leave the religious house and DO NOTHING! You preach “faith without works” & have faith for a better country…show me the works for a better country!!! 

Our laws are repressive against children, against women, agains retirees, against widows!!! What have we done collectively to remedy this? Nothing. 

We hide under culture to perpetuate evil and then call God when the consequences come killing us! 

If only we believed in the good books we read and quote then we would see how it is a fairly constant flaw in religious people who see the spec in others’ eyes without ever stopping to do a self examination to see that they are a bigger problem and those they criticize.

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