The Drug Addiction Called Religion

I watched a movie where a man who was addicted to hard drugs realised the danger of the path he was on and voluntarily admitted himself into rehab where they explained the painful, but worthwhile, process of withdrawal to him, made him sign all the docs and ensured he paid in full upfront.

He was asked how he got into drugs, how he felt about it & he told how it all started as a “joke” with friends for a feel good effect. He said he felt he was in control & could kick the habit at any time cos he put himself on a strict Sunday/Sunday regiment & didn’t use the drug outside it.

He didn’t realise that his system had become so dependent on it that his usage was no longer for the “high” and he realized that for him to function at his “normal” levels, he had to use it at least daily. The day he tried to resist, he could barely get out of bed and needed fellow users/addicts to come to his rescue

It was at that point that he realised that this wasn’t the life he believed he was meant to live and decided to seek help. 

But since his entire body system and practically all his relationships were now built around using drugs, he knew it would be a massive systemic shock with both internal and external resistance. 

His first shock in rehab was when he was physically restrained on the bed and didn’t understand why such a drastic measure had to be taken but he eventually trusted the process. When withdrawal eventually kicked in, he begged for some this drug which he knew would damage him, he cried, he threatened to sue them and did his best to break the restraints. 

At some point he even asked to die cos he didn’t believe his system could survive the grueling withdrawal symptoms. 

After a few weeks, he was fine. Totally clean and quite embarrassed when shown how he behaved during withdrawal

He apologized to the rehab staff for all he put them through and of course, they bore no grudges because they understood what their jobs entailed and what drug addiction can do to the minds of people 

He was warned that the internal shocks were over but in leaving rehab, the external shocks were just beginning and he needed very strong will to resist the old friendships that will attempt to lure him back. 

He needed to create a new support system of like minds to help him in tough times. 

His success in remaining clean depended on all the changes he’ll make in the short term regarding relationships, habits, confidence, self esteem etc etc; in short, he needed to build a brand new person and character that will get a “high” from the confidence of knowing, loving and being himself 

Now the punchline:


It starts off as a well meaning necessity but quickly swallows your life, being, existence & eventually, as subtly as ever, replaces God. People end up serving religion thinking they’re serving God

Now go back & read the story again!

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