The Dangers Of “Trying”

Is there anyone trying hard & tired of trying?

I once saw a boy in front of a door knocking vigorously & I asked what he was doing & he said “I’m TRYING to get in”. 

When I walked by a few hours later, the boy was still knocking desperately so I asked him “why not just go in?”

Truth was:

1. He didn’t know know to open the door

2. He believed it was rude to enter without being told to. 

He was therefore, quite content in just trying: i.e. knocking & doing his best to get in even though he wasn’t getting in. 

In the movie Matrix, in Neo’s first fight, Morpheus told Neo: “stop TRYING to hit me & hit me”…first time I watched it, I didn’t quite understand what that phrase meant but now…it’s loaded!!!

You see, I also once was this “trying” type & have met very many people like this boy who are busy & content merely “TRYING”! They’ve made “trying” their occupation and as long as they’re trying, they’re ok…well, they think they are!

People who spend a lot of time and energy “trying” & yet not achieving will very likely be so because they, like the boy, either don’t know how to actually do what they’re trying to do or

have a limiting belief system that doesn’t allow them “DO” what they claim to want to, so they just try and try and try. And are content trying. Then make a habit of trying. 

Whatever you are “trying” to do and yet not succeeding, ask yourself:

“What do I want to do? Am I trying to do it or actually doing it? If I’m trying, what information do I need so that I don’t have to TRY?”

“Trying” is addictive and easily becomes a habit because it has its own satisfaction and can be quite deceptive because it keeps you very busy and that too makes you feel like you’re not idle nor lazy. 

Are you trying to get out of bed, or are you getting out of bed? Are you trying to drink water, or are you getting water to drink? Are you trying to build a career, or are you building a career? Are you trying get a job, or are you going to get a job? 

Once you understand the difference, you’ll be able to arm yourself with the relevant information and the appropriate belief system to achieve what you want.

Do you believe you can and should do what you want? Do you believe there’s a process you must follow first and your attention is on the process not on the outcome? Are you trying to satisfy the belief or getting the outcome achieved?

It’s very important to see the difference between those who are content in merely trying and those who do and perhaps, you’ll be able to switch efforts and become more deliberate in focusing on achieving the things you really want.

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