Choose Knowledge

In medieval times, thunder and lightning were such “spiritual” events that they were worshipped as gods and were given different names like Jupiter, Zeus, Thor and even our own dear Sango. Not too long ago, even 2 babies coming out of a woman was considered a highly spiritual event and, in some cultures, it was such a taboo that the twins had to be put to death.

If you consider that everytime we use the word “spiritual”, we are referring to an aspect of our existence which we have likely experienced and therefore certain of but cannot fully explain. But yet, based on the experience of this phenomenon, we are forced to acknowledge it despite having absolutely no explanation for it! Aka we are ignorant of the phenomenon 

Therefore, what the people who lived in one time/age called spiritual (based on lack of explanation – not sure there’s any other reason we call anything spiritual though), those living in another may scoff and call those who lived then, ignorant. In the same way, what one person calls spiritual is what another may call ignorance. The issue we need to deal with is that the more prevalent societal ignorance, the more phenomena society cannot explain and the more they are forced to classify many events as “spiritual” & generally, those who turn Spiritual will also turn religious.

Hence the high correlation between religious, ignorance & backwardness in society!

To build a progressive society, you need knowledge, a whole damn lot of it & as you acquire knowledge, less and less will be termed “spiritual” because knowledge will ensure resources is expended in research which will, in turn, produce answers. 

Also consider that if being spiritual (from the perspective of accepting events without interrogating them for reason)  is considered a culture (way of life), then by direct implication, so will apprehension to asking questions and seeking knowledge…bottom line, If spiritual is a culture, so will ignorance!

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that we cannot know and for those things, we may very well call them spiritual but it’s important to have exhausted all avenues to exploring, researching, interrogating & acquiring knowledge.

Terming anything spiritual should be the very last, not the first reaction. Last after all research, books, studies etc have been concluded!

So based on this, I’ll be bold and rephrase a very common statement which goes:

“My people perish for lack of knowledge (ignorance)” 

and restate as:

“My people perish for being too spiritual/religious without choosing to explore, learn and seek knowledge”

Afterall, it says “MY PEOPLE”… 

This is the reason, for me at least, why when people are asked about personal experience of “voodoo” or “jazz” or simple sleight of hand trick, most conclude it’s really spiritual without any evidence beyond third party hearsay.

It’s just plain societal ignorance that allows people believe snakes & gorillas swallow money or salt cures ebola and that society, if this is the average thinking, will be undeveloped and backward!

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