Who Leads You?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people with low self esteem are the ones who come across as proud & want you to show exaggerated & undue respect. They seem to be making an attempt to hide the gaps in their own lives & don’t want others to notice. They are of the famous “do you know who I am?” gang! 

Humble people often have healthy self esteem and therefore, do not need external validation and that’s why, to them, what others do or say is like water off a duck’s back. They hear it, they consider it but they do not internalize it.

Their happily walking away from unnecessary arguments isn’t weakness, it’s internal confidence from their self validation. The “need to win” is muted

(This is just by the way: Don’t confuse humility with a situation of having lack of resources and so you’re cowered into submission, like a lack of self confidence, being unsure of yourself or lack of backbone: that’s not the same as humility) 

The same principle applies to those who are insecure in themselves! They only see threat, collusion & attack in every action & they believe that pointing these conjectures out creates a sign of foresight when reality, they are merely projecting their own unconquered fears. Everyone and everything is a conspiracy against them and where they can’t find an enemy, they create on in the “devil”

One sign of leadership is: while burdened by your own fears, you still carry those of the people & soothe them by projecting hope.

Secure people are confident & their language is: “bring whatever on, we will carry on & excel either way” 

If the blind lead the blind, they both perish. The blind that didn’t know their leader was blind isn’t spared cos of ignorance, in fact they, even God’s people, will perish for ignorance

It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, to make sure even if handicapped, you aren’t led by a handicap 

Self leadership is crucial & you must be able to bring hope to yourself by yourself. Some are raised this way & some others have to learn it. Either way, you owe it to yourself to learn about YOU cos that’s the beginning of self motivation

Hope brings strength& hope is learnt 

The cycle of life implies that even if you can lead people away from captivity, you may not be equipped to lead them to the promised land. 

Don’t be led by one who’s been conquered by fear or one who’s not leading himself because you’re better off learning to lead yourself

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