Unknowingly Worshipping Baal

In desperation, the prayer warriors built an altar and cried their eyes out as they desperately needed an immediate response and desired that their God to come through this one time as it was a matter of life and death. 

They then heard the words saying “Open your mouth and pray louder, louder…shout if you need to”

So they all, in one voice raised their heads and voices loud to the heavens.

After 30mins, nothing had changed and then they heard again: “I pray for 3hours non-stop and if any of you can’t pray for at least one hour, you are not yet a serious believer”

So they got new energy and prayed for 6hours non-stop. 

I have to mention that before coming to the altar, they had put their bodies under such severe punishment and had not eaten nor drank anything for 30days. 

In addition, they had made a big sacrifice and written a cheque as a sacrificial offering as they had been instructed to do. 

In the end, sad as it was, they didn’t get any answer; their god didn’t come through for them. 

Have you been in this position? Does this sound like you? Or anyone you know? 

I sincerely hope not!!!! But I know my hoping is in vain!

You see, I was just being creative and modernizing the events at Mount Carmel…specifically, the actions of the prophets of Baal and how Elijah taunted them about the deafness of their god and a need to be loud. About the length of their prayers in case their god was on a journey. 

It made me think twice about a couple of things I hear today. Hope it makes you think twice too


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