Making Covid Our Friend

I remember when I said “pain is your friend cos it exposes your vulnerability” and many people we’re looking at me with side eye

Though pain is quite unpleasant, its unique ability and purpose in exposing vulnerability allows you to fix whatever it is that’s wrong, allows you get a remedy & of course, ensures you maintain a healthy well being – that is, if you adequately address the source and cause of the pain!

So, in the same vein, Covid19 is our “friend” because It’s exposing the vulnerability in our healthcare system, exposing the weakness in leadership capacity, our critical thinking and analysis, our economy and finance, the vulnerability of our socio-economic system and much more. 

Our gaps are open for us all to see and what we now do with this knowledge is now left to us. 

And if I want to look for trouble, it’s also exposing our vulnerability in a suboptimal religious structure that keeps taking and seems incapable of giving back. Exposing religious leaders that claim knowledge they don’t have and claim a relationship with God that’s clearly false.

In addition, it’s very easy to mistake the “imminent problem” with the “biggest problem” & then focus too much on the immediate & lose sight of the big picture. This forces us to be locked into reactive mode &not give thought towards proactivity

It’s very hard for an entity or system to grow by being only reactive.

Covid19 is indeed imminent and immediate but certainly neither the only nor the biggest issue, no not by a long shot. Once this passes, and it certainly will, what’s next? Or are we just waiting to react to that? Instead of anticipating?

Here’s a recording of my radio show where we discussed the difference between dealing with “biggest” and imminent problems

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