Punishment Vs Consequence

When a couple have sex & get pregnant, the pregnancy isn’t seen as punishment, but as consequence! 

Just in the same way that driving from Lagos to Ibadan ignoring that your tank reserve light is on; when the car stops in the middle of nowhere, that’s the consequence of ignorance!

From a mindset perspective, There’s a massive difference between consequence & punishment.

Once you understand that an event is Consequence, you are forced to understand the reasons behind it and how to take remedial action. Humans will attempt, and often succeed, to understand and therefore control consequence.

But as for punishment, especially from a believed-to-be divine source, understanding is terribly limited and control is practically zero. In other words, punishment, within a religious context or when the event is attributed to the divine and not understanding, leaves you in a helpless situation. 

Quite the opposite of consequence.

If religions taught more about consequence, they would be transferring control and therefore power, to the members. But clearly, religion seeks to control, not set free. It is God that seeks to set you free but religion needs to hold you captive for it to survive.

Also, for consequence to be taught, there has to be knowledge and understanding which, again, in the religious setting is contrary to the type of adulterated faith they teach. Religion idolizes ignorance and makes seekers of knowledge seem like they are of the devil.

Thats one reason religion doesn’t like science!

Science seeks understanding, (funny that’s a “spirit” of God), so it can replicate with higher efficiency (funny that’s the mandate Jesus left in “greater things then these..”)

Regarding events and phenomena, religion merely tells us the WHAT while science seeks to show HOW and WHY (and this is where the power over events sit)

If you believe that as a human you are meant to be powerful and you actively seek it, then you will find that power lies in understanding and knowledge; therefore the opposite of power – helplessness, incompetence, subservience etc – must lie in ignorance. 

It’s now your choice

Are you being indoctrinated to accept & extol ignorance? Are you discouraged from asking questions? When you claim to understand, are you accused of being faithless? When you question a lack of accountability, are you told to “leave it for God”?

If yes to any, RUN from there!

To be free from the consequence of mistakes (sin), you must be empowered with knowledge and understanding of what the mistake is, why it is a mistake and of course, how to avoid or control it. 

That’s where freedom and overcoming mistakes (sins) comes from…Not ignorance!!

Just thought to share this and hopefully a few people will ask questions today and Sunday as to why they are controlled snd indoctrinated into disempowerment and ignorance!

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