Mirror Mirror On The Wall

There is a special mirror we all look into and the mirror can give 4 different images depending on the state of mind we have attained:

Image 1: Shows you all the good you are

Image 2: Shows you all the evil and inadequacies you are

Image 3: Shows you whatever you want to see

Image 4: Shows you YOU as you are

Images 1 – 2 are entirely dependent on your level of morality and self judgement.

A lot of people will generally attempt to look only at 1 but will sometimes be drawn into, by externalities, image 2. Either way, the struggle of very many people is to see only one of the images between 1 and 2!! But, in reality, both are delusions. 

Image 3 is a compensatory image that counters and seemingly balances what you see in 1 or 2 and that’s the image that makes you not “too much” this or that. It’s the image of confidence or sometimes, arrogance even. It can also be the image of trauma – when your ego has been so belittled over time and you have lived a life of criticism, IMAGE 3 can evolve as a compensatory rebellion to drown out the negative voices of judgement.

Image 4 is the completely non-judgemental image, the real you, the you that is aligned to Purpose and tracks performance along the lines of Purpose. There is no good or bad version of you with that image and so, the only people that can see image 4 are those who have found the ability to drop the knowledge of good and evil as it relates to purpose. Not easy and few are able to, but it is certainly possible!

Image 4 is what religion attempts to teach that God sees but then, the same religion turns around and only gives us access to only images 1-3 and therefore, fills most people with a stark feeling of shortcomings.

The image with which you see yourself is the same image you will ultimately see the world…and, well, God!!

If you are able to see Image 4, you will have a peace that no one understands as you will be focused on purpose and outcomes and the trivialities of events will fade quickly. you will also see humanity through the mirror/image and that will fill you with understanding and compassion. (aka love/see your neighbour as yourself) 

It’s not easy, but it is rewarding

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