Does Your Bible “Fact” Really Exist

My unlearning journey started with 2 bets Pa Abraham made with me for $1,000 each. 

In one of our discussions, he said he observed I had a lot of head knowledge of events in the Bible but had much less understanding of the concepts and lessons and without those, misapplication/misunderstanding was almost a certainty. 

For perspective, I was raised in deeper life so I did have a good knowledge of Bible stories. 


He asked me how long Jacob worked to pay the bride price for Rachel and I said 7yrs and I quickly added that he was tricked and married off to Leah instead. 

He then asked me how long after he was married to Leah before he eventually got Rachel. Well, at the time, I said 7yrs. 

Pa Abraham said if I ever proved to him it was 7yrs, he’ll give me $1,000. 

Needless to say, after hours of searching the bible, I realized that I was never collecting $1,000


Pa Abraham asked me where Jesus was born and I said manger. He then asked how many wise men came to visit Jesus and of course, that’s extremely easy and I quickly said 3. 

Down the drain went opportunity you collect another $1,000. 

These 2 bets/questions started my unlearning journey because I very quickly realised that much of what I had learnt was, in the first place, inaccurate and even the ones that I thought accurate, many were mistepresented snd a lot more were lost in translation, lost in time and lost in concept. 

Today, I know a damn lot compared to what I knew 5years ago but the only thing I am sure of is that when necessary, I will junk all of this knowledge and start again.

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