Behaviour-Shaping Belief Systems

Here’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while about how 2 groups of people with diametrically opposite belief systems can be perfectly compatible and perfectly incompatible at the same time and how THE BELIEF SYSTEM controls their thinking, behaviour and destiny!

Imagine two groups of travellers getting caught and stranded in a horrible midnight storm and then they found a house to squat for the night. In daylight, when the rains subsided, they saw that the house was beautiful, well furnished, had an amazing garden and the store was full of food.

One group BELIEVED that they were still on a journey & this house was merely temporary shelter and didn’t see themselves as belonging in the house nor could they call it “home”; they believed that they were, at best, “caretakers” to keep only the part they used just habitable clean & tidy and therefore, they neither had nor developed any ambition to possess it.

The second group, on the other hand, BELIEVED that they were born for the purpose of owning the house! Afterall, the house was perfect & they saw no reason to leave as the owner was nowhere to be found. They saw the house as a gift, in fact, some saw it as a right! And so, immediately, they started strategizing to ensure that they took full possession

The first group, believing they were merely sojourners waiting for a saviour to come & take them to their true home, refused to contribute (financially or intellectually) to decisions being made regarding the house and offered absolutely no resistance when the other group made all effort to take ownership. 

The other group, based on their belief of being born to own it, was willing to fight to the death to maintain, what was now accepted by them all, their right to own this beautiful house. They spent time, energy and resources to ensure that no one else ever took possession despite the other group having just as much right, but no interest, as them.

Both groups were driven entirely by what is was they believed about themselves, their rights and the true ownership of the house.

Based on these beliefs, one groups would, without resistance, rule over the other who by their own belief, were content serving while waiting for their “transport” to come and take them to their final abode where they could call “home”. And time, will inevitably, entrench their entitlement of one and the subservice of the other!

So, these two groups, are PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE by offering complimentary “servant/master” relationship while being PERFECTLY INCOMPATIBLE by being agreeable to a binding in a toxic relationship where negotiation was never done and so terms are skewed unfairly!

As both groups stay in the house with the picture I have painted, what do you think their offspring will think? How do you think their offspring will relate with each other? As equal partners? They will have to indoctrinate their offspring to accept the union “as is”: ONE as OWNER, OTHER as TENANT/TEMPORARY GUEST and they must remain blinded to reality and must ensure they are all ignorant of history and the true state of the union. Both groups independently achieve this enthroning of ignorance and gauging out of eyes using the same method.

Wish I could end by saying “they lived happily ever after” but knowledge and light always has a way of making a difference.

Wherever you see these 2 groups cohabit, you will notice these characteristics and possibly, a state of permanent tension unless one is completely domineering the other.

It is neither good nor bad, but the consequence of the belief each has adopted and how that belief has shaped their thought, behaviors and inevitably, their reality.

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