Because I Am; I Am Perfect

There are many things we desire that we imagine we would value and appreciate but sometimes, if/when we have them, we find that things that are against a natural order (assuming we understand the natural order of things) as not as gratifying as we imagine.

For instance, as parenting adults, as much as we crave moments of silence, if you had a baby that NEVER cried, most parents will be worried and will take the baby to a doctor. And are the likely, a doctor will find something to be amiss for a baby never to cry.

if you have read about Malcolm Myatt, a jolly good fellow who had a stroke and then lost all ability to feel any sadness. Some may think that that’s a great way to live, but without balance, a human being will find existence quite traumatic….just Imagine taking him for a funeral!!


We often think that perfection is “being without flaw”, but what if the flaw is part of the natural order of things? Perfection will then have to be “being with the flaw”…if you consider a baby’s cries as a “flaw”, then a perfect baby must have this flaw.

Perfection is “being exactly what you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be” and so, as an entity whose existence has been commanded as: “Human Be” perfection is me obeying and making my existence confirm to a “Human being”.

So, what is that natural order for a “human being”?

We laugh, we cry, we hurt people, people hurt us, we become chaotic, we fix the chaos, we create new chaos, we get hungry, we starve, we fight, we make up, we live, we die, we kill, being hurts and causes pain, we eliminate the pain, we succeed sometimes, we fail others….that’s what it means to be human. 

I am perfect! Not because I do not make mistakes, but because mistakes do not make me.

I am perfect because I am in complete understanding of the command “human be”.

I am perfect in what you may consider “imperfections”. I am perfectly imperfect…and that’s perfect!

This knowledge sets me free from the bondage of a lot of guilt…I am free to be me. free to make MY mistakes. Free to correct them if I please. Free not to if I don’t. 

Most important, my understating of existing under the command “Human be”, is that I must leave you to explore for yourself what it means for YOU too to live under the command…even if your exploration will hurt me. My ability to hurt is part of being human. My ability and decision to separate myself from the cause of my hurt and pain is also part of being human. if you explore YOU and hurt ME, I must decide if I should let you continue to hurt me…but it is not my decision to stop you from exploring.

My people say “when you wake up is your morning” and there’s a wise saying that “here is a time for everything – a time to hurt, a time to heal, a time to make war and a time to make peace.

So, this is my understanding of PERFECTION – the understanding of the times to do what needs to be done; NOT avoiding things because you don’t like them! The understanding that when you wake up is your morning, not mine and when I wake up is my morning, not yours.

Jason Mraz’s song, “Have it all” captures it perfectly for me!

We are Human BEings…not Human DOings…Just BE!

Do you know the difference between what you KNOW & what you BELIEVE? Everything you “know”, you first had to believe!

Belief systems control the ability to know; but you can control your belief system much more than you control what you know! 

Many people will confuse what they BELEIVE with what they KNOW and not realise that belief isnt knowledge but belief drives assimilation of information; so when drilled for evidence/substance, you’ll perhaps hear stuff like: “Don’t worry, I know what I’m saying”

If you understand this, you become more powerful as a “believer” than as being knowledgeable because believing, instead of knowing, requires open mindedness, allows thought-flexibility, tolerance & dialogue!

Knowing is rigid & harder to change.

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